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How to order

1. Terms and definitions

- serviciifunerarebradu.ro, further named "us", is the name of the commercial company S.C. Bradu Decor S.R.L., based in Satu Mare, 12 Paltinis Street, with number J30 / 1060/2006 in the Trade Registry and Fiscal Unique Registration Code RO19143931.
- User - any person who visits our website, www.serviciifunerarebradu.ro.
- Client - individual / legal person that performs an order.
- Product - any good or service specified in the order, to be delivered by us, to the Customer.
- Order - the act of intention to purchase any good or service by a User which holds the place of a contract between us and the user, either by phone, online or by fax.
- Contract closure - occurs when after the invoice was issued and not after making the order or after receiving the order confirmation.
- Courier - public or private entity that provides postal or courier services.
- Own distribution - fleet of vehicles that we own to ensure delivery of products or services ordered under the conditions below.

2. Processing of personal data

According to the law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and completed, we have the obligation to manage safely and only for specified purposes the data that users provide to us.
Processing of personal data means any operation by automatic means, such as collection, recording, organizing, storing, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultating, using, etc. The purpose of collecting data is to inform the client regarding the situation, evolution and the status of the order, evaluation of products or services, promotional activities, marketing research, statistics, etc. By making an order and / or registering on our website, www.serviciifunerarebradu.ro, the User declares that he agrees for their personal data to be included in our database and also be kept and used as follows:
- promotion campaigns and information about the products and / or services.
- participating in promotions.
- research necessary to improve the quality of communication, services and our company image.
- market research.
Every individual has the right to refuse the processing of personal data, but this right can be excluded in special cases such as actions carried out by financial services and tax police, justice system or social security. In any other circumstances, we will not disclose any information related to our customers without their express consent.

3. Cookie policy

What is a "cookie"? Cookie ("browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie") is a small file consisting of letters and numbers that is stored on any terminal with Internet access (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and is installed by request issued by a web server to a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome). Note: "Cookies" do not contain software viruses or spyware and can not access the information on the user's hard drive.
Cookies do not request personal information and does not personally identify internet users. A cookie consists of name and content, during the existence of which is determined and can be accessed again by the webserver when a user returns on the website associated with the webserver.
Cookies are classified as: - Session cookies - they are temporarily stored in your browser history that stores up to when the user exits the website in question or closes the browsers window. - Persistent cookies - These are stored according to preset duration, on the hard drive of a computer or device. Persistent cookies include also those placed by another website than the one that the user visited at the time - known as "third party cookies" - that can be used anonymously to save the interests of a user, in a such way that can supply most relevant advertising to users.
What are the advantages of cookies? A cookie contains information that connect users and a particular site. If a web browser that accesses the server again, it can read information already stored and react accordingly. Cookies provide users a pleasant experience browsing and support the efforts of many websites to provide comfortable services: - preferences regarding online privacy, language options on the website, shopping carts or relevant advertising.
What is the lifespan of a cookie? The lifespan of a cookie may be different, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. There are cookies used only for one session - they are no longer retained after the user exits the website.
Persistent cookies - are retained and reused each time the user returns to that website, but can be removed anytime by the user.
What are cookies placed by third parties? Certain sections of content on some sites can be placed on the website by third parties through banners, boxes or links - and all these tools may contain cookies. They are called "third party cookies" because they are not placed by the owner of the website. Disabling cookies and refusal
Disabling and refusal to accept cookies can make certain websites visited impassable or difficult to use. Also, refusal to accept cookies does not mean you will not get / see online advertising. It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies will not be accepted or you can set your browser to accept cookies from a particular site. But for example, if you are not using cookies Returning Customer, you can not leave comments. All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings are typically found in "options" menu or "preferences" menu of your browser. Settings for cookies created by third parties, and for more information on privacy related to online advertising, IAB Romania offers the following site: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/

4. How to order

Our products or services can be purchased online, by email, phone or fax. If this is the first time you order online from us, you can follow these steps for placing and finalizing an online order.

We accept orders from abroad. If you are abroad and you want to order, you can do it but you will have to wait to communicate further details on the total price, taxes and availability. As payment methods we accept international bank transfers. Deliveries will be made with own distribution or mail / courier.

Step 1: Product search
You can find your desired product by using the one of 3 options shown in the picture below: the search engine, accessing product category or by accesing the menu / submenu on the right.

Step 2: Product selection
Once you found the desired product, you can add it to the basket (this means 1 pc.) by pressing the "buy" button or by pressing the "details" button, you can find out more details or specify the amount of the desired.

Step 3: Product / quantity confirmation
To checkout, you'll need to access your shopping cart, where you can add / remove products or change their quantity.

Step 4: Individual / company
Individuals can choose to order without registering. Companies on the other hand will have to register to receive special distribution prices.

Step 5: Invoice / delivery information
If the delivery address is the same as the on given above, you can proceed to the next step, if not, please enter the delivery address.

Step 6: Order confirmation
After confirming the order, a confirmation message will be displayed and an email with the details of this order will be sent to the e-mail adress mentioned.


Order shall be considered valid only after your confirmation by phone, e-mail or fax.

5. Delivery

The ordered products are delivered all over the country and abroad through courier services or own distribution.
On Romania's territory the delivery of the order is free if you opt for delivery through our own distribution or if the value of the order is over 100 lei(24 Euro). Below this value, the cost of delivery is 20 lei(4,5 Euro).
In Hungary the delivery of the order is free if the value of the order is over 10,000 Ft.(32 Euro), below this value, the cost of the delivery is 2000 Ft.(6,5 Euro).

6. Payment

The ordered goods or services can be paid either by cash or by bank transfer.

Prices shown are in LEI, HUF and Euro and include VAT.

7. Return policy

Products purchased online can be returned according to the law O.U.G. 34/2014. The customer has the obligation to notify in writing to waive the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 days of receiving the product or, in case of services, from contract signing. In this case, our company will return the value of the order as soon as possible after receipt of the returned product. Transport and the costs of returning the goods will be paid by us if they have been delivered incorrectly, had erroneous descriptions or the specifications are not the same with those on the website or if they have expired.
Products that are not subject to the return policy are: any type of consumable item (food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents and other cleaners, batteries, etc.).

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